Hello there!
I find women in water sports extremely inspiring, whether it's a many times champion, trailblazing big wave surfer or a mother of four that is just getting her feet wet taking her first lessons in paddle boarding. What connects us despite the skill level, age or current life situation is the appreciation of nature and the ability to experience the pure joy of life through being close with the ocean.
The way we choose to dress not only shows our esthetic and personality but also is a testament to our worldview and believes. We strive to be as sustainable in all our practices as possible, from recycled fabric and label material, packaging to the water-less process of digital printing as well as domestic production. We also pledge to always move toward improvement and finding new ways to decrease our impact on the environment.

Anowi is an expression of all above, I want to offer contemporary, eco-friendly and locally made surf wear that represents the joy of being close with nature and really works in the ocean. Fit and functionality are extremely important. All surfkinis are water tested by myself and our brand ambassadors. I pledge to always ask and listen to your feedback and constantly work toward making ever better products.
Thank you so much for being here and I hope to have the privilege to dress you for the oceansion. 

Founder, fashion designer, surfer