How To Take Care Of Your Swim/ Athletic wear & The Planet

Hi Salty Ladies!

I wanted to share a few tips on how to properly care for all your athletic apparel while reducing our impact on the water systems. Unfortunately we cannot use natural fibers for performance wear and all synthetic fibers including acrylic, polyester, nylon and spandex release microplastics during laundering. To keep your surfkinis and our planet in best shape, we recommend to rinse only and occasionally hand wash in cold water with mild soap, and lay flat on a towel or hang to dry. 

If you have to use the washing machine, use cold water, mild detergent, and place all your synthetic and synthetic blend apparel in a laundry bag like the one by Guppy Friend (link below) to trap most of the microplastics and protect your clothes from fiber breakage- making it last longer. Good for the planet and your wallet!

Hope that you find these tips helpful and informative. Please leave a comment below, let us know your thoughts.

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