Announcing Free Swimwear Repairs For Your Anowis!

Buying an eco friendly, well made swimsuit is often an investments. Making such a purchase makes us feel good, especially when it is made sustainably, preferably somewhere local to you, flattering to your body, fits well, stays in place and last for many seasons.

However, when you rip long enough the seams will eventually rip too! I have used my Anowis for about 6 seasons now (counting winters in warm waters:)) so all this action took some toll on my gear. I recently sat down to repair it and thought why not to extend the same courtesy to you, my customers. So here it is:

If you rip your Anowis while being active and doing what you love out there just send me an email with photos of the damage. I will assess the damage and let you know if repairable and to what extend (ripped seams always are). The repairs are free of charge, no matter how long ago you have made the purchase (Anowis hold up very well so I don’t expect anything ripping in the first few seasons). 

Let's enjoy our gear as long as possible and let's keep Anowis out of the landfills!



Anowi Founder